Family and Therapy Dog Training Services

Family Dog Training

If you are starting with a young puppy and want to raise her/him to be a rock-solid family dog with good manners around the house and in the community…  GiveYour Puppy a Super Start with our Start Right Puppy Preschool and Puppy's Kindergarten. Our next class begins June 10th!

If you have rescued a dog from a shelter and want to give him/her a safe, secure forever home

If you have an adult dog whose manners could use a little modification…

Make an appointment for an in-home consultation to assess your training needs and assist you in setting goals.

Therapy Dog Training

If you have an adult dog and want to train with her/him to be a Therapy Dog Team…

 Sign up for individual lessons to learn what you and your dog need to know to be of service to others.  We will train and mentor you through the therapy dog registration process.